4 HVAC Scares You Want to Avoid During Halloween

HVAC Scares to Avoid
Thu, 10/20/2022 - 9:00am 

4 HVAC Scares You Want to Avoid During Halloween

Halloween is an excellent time of the year for scares when it comes to witches, goblins, and haunted houses that give you a fright or two. However, this isn't so much the case when it comes to your HVAC system. Below, we take a moment to go over some of the heating and, on some days, cooling-related scares you'll want to avoid during the upcoming Halloween season.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas. A carbon monoxide detector is the only way to know if your home has carbon monoxide issues. If you have a gas furnace or an older home with gas appliances, purchasing and using a carbon monoxide detector is an excellent preventative idea.

An HVAC System That's Overheating

A furnace or other parts of your HVAC system may overheat if there's an internal or electrical issue. If you see smoke coming from your HVAC system, unplug or turn off your system immediately. HVAC professionals can determine what's causing the overheating system so they can make appropriate repairs.

A Musty Odor

A burning smell is normal if you're starting your furnace again for the year. It's caused by dirt and dust burning off when your furnace kicks in again. However, it's not so normal to notice a musty smell.

A musty odor is usually caused by condensation, which could also mean mold in your ductwork. This is a potentially serious issue since mold spores can be blown and circulated throughout your home. This can, in turn, result in respiratory ailments or worsen existing ones. An HVAC professional can track down the source of the mold and give your ductwork a proper and thorough cleaning.

A Cluttered HVAC Area

If you have a bunch of household clutter around your furnace, you have a potentially dangerous situation in your hands. Clutter in this area can result in a fire or make it difficult to access your furnace should there be a need to turn it off quickly. Ideally, your furnace area should be free of clutter and easily accessible at all times.

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