Five Best Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips This Summer

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Thu, 06/20/2024 - 9:00am 

Five Best Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips This Summer

Any machinery will wear out over time and may break. It's important to take care of your air conditioning system, especially the outdoor condenser, indoor coil, and connection to the furnace. Regular maintenance is crucial for the success of your air conditioner. Dirty components and clogged filters can lead to poor air quality in your home, so it's a good idea to change the filter regularly and have a professional inspect the entire system at least once a year.


The Five Best Air-Conditioning Maintenance Tips

1.   Changing the Filter

Typically, replacing the filter involves removing the old one and installing a new one. Be sure to insert the new filter in the correct direction to avoid blocking the airflow. Most filters have helpful arrows printed on them to indicate the proper insertion direction. If the filter is clean, the air will pass through easily, saving energy costs and improving your home's air quality. Check the filter every few weeks and replace it when it becomes dirty.


2.   Cleaning the Outdoor Condenser

Every year, leaves, pollen clusters, and those little helicopters you used to stick on your nose when you were a kid fly around and deposit inside the condenser, on the fan, and in the holes in the walls of the condenser. Both adversely affect airflow, and the fan itself undergoes extra stress. A quick spray from a hose will clean it well.


3.   Cleaning the Condenser Coil and Evaporator

The coils help remove water vapor from the air, which is a cooling process. They cool the air, circulating through the ducts into your home. Check all components for dirt and other debris, which can cause the coil to freeze and water to leak everywhere. Also, have a professional check the refrigerant level. It might sound strange, but low refrigerant results in the coil freezing.


4.   Check the Airflow

Good airflow doesn't just rely on a clean filter. The ducts must be free of obstructions, and within your home, you should make sure that the vents aren't covered. Restricted airflow not only makes your air-conditioning system work harder than it should, but it also results in higher energy bills. To keep the vents in your home clean, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to keep them free of dust and other materials.


5.   Professional Maintenance

It's generally recommended that your entire HVAC system be checked once a year, but it's even better to have it inspected every six months. Professionals will examine all moving parts and every pipe and connection to check for leaks. Most leaks cannot be detected without advanced equipment, so it's best to have a professional conduct these checks rather than attempting to do it yourself.


Benefits of Regular Maintenance

• Lower energy bills

• Longer-lasting equipment

• Prevents damage to other components, such as your furnace

• Better comfort in your home during hot or cold days


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