5 HVAC Tips for Halloween Safety

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Thu, 10/22/2020 - 9:00am / By emily

5 HVAC Tips for Halloween Safety

One of the most enjoyable times of the year for most of us is when we can gather our family and friends around us and decorate our homes for the fun and scares of Halloween. When we think of Halloween, we often think about the fun we had as children collecting candy when we trick or treat with our friends and family. Now that you are a homeowner, you will want to balance the fun and scariness of Halloween with the correct precautions to keep your HVAC system from being the scariest part of Halloween.

1. Don't Let Halloween Decorations Affect HVAC Performance

When you are looking to have fun at Halloween, we know you will want to make sure you are not affecting your HVAC unit's performance. Fake spider webs, skulls, and other Halloween decorations are fun, but they should be hung with care to ensure you don't see major performance issues with your HVAC system. The blocking of vents or registers can lead to a series of problems with the performance that could give you a scary surprise when you open your power bill.

2. Keep Your Unit Safe

It is tempting to hang Halloween decorations all over your yard, but we believe you should make sure your HVAC unit is not involved in the spookiness. If you cover your HVAC unit with the scariest decorations, they have the potential to limit performance in a significant way. The same can be said of smaller ghosts and goblins you may hang from trees around your unit that could be blown off and become lodged in the inner workings of your HVAC system.

3. Enjoy the Fall Weather

We all know the nights begin to draw in and become a little cooler when Fall arrives, meaning Halloween can be a time when your HVAC system works hard. Opening the door to trick or treaters can make your unit work harder to keep your home heated. We recommend taking some chairs outside and enjoying the community spirit of Halloween from the safety of your yard.

4. Look for Alternatives to Candles

When you are looking for that eerie and spooky style, you will often place candles inside and outside your home to create the right effect. However, dripping wax or an overturned candle can cause problems for your HVAC system. Instead of traditional candles, why not try battery-operated candles or a flashlight to create spooky lighting effects.

5. Use Safety-Approved Equipment

Decorating the exterior of your home for Halloween is something we appreciate and encourage. However, your home's safety is vital to staying safe at Halloween and throughout the year with approved electrical equipment helping you stay safe during the spooky Halloween season.

If you want to know more about staying safe and keeping your HVAC system working effectively over Halloween, give the experts at Command Service Center a call to schedule your appointment.



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