Can Air Purifiers Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?

Preventing COVID-19
Fri, 07/10/2020 - 12:28pm 

Can Air Purifiers Prevent the Spread of COVID-19?

Air purifiers have been around for decades, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought them to the forefront of homeowners' concerns. Many believe that using an air purifier can help to reduce the spread of the virus and make their home a safer place for their family. In this article, we're going to take a look at COVID-19 and how an air purifier can be utilized to slow its spread.

The Basic Function Of An Air Purifier

An air purifier is meant to cleanse the air of unwanted and harmful allergens and pollutants. This is done via a fan that pushes the air in your home into the filter of the purifier. The filter collects harmful particles and allows the clean air to pass through it. The clean air is then recirculated throughout your home. Air purifiers can be bought as stand-alone units or as part of a residential HVAC system.

How Does COVID-19 Spread?

HEPA filters are very effective at capturing particles that are .3 microns or bigger. This is 99.97 percent of particles that are in the air. COVID-19 is thought to be .125 microns in diameter. However, when the virus is encased in droplets it travels in sizes of .1 microns or bigger. Through this logic, it's clear to see that HEPA filters can trap droplets that may contain COVID-19. It's important to note that there is still a lot of research going on regarding the coronavirus and how to successfully stop the spread of it.

Ways An Air Purifier Can Help

When you run an air filter, it can trap the bigger particles that may contain the virus. Also, it works to dilute potentially infected air with fresh air. This helps to decrease a person's risk of developing the virus. It's recommended to utilize an air purifier for its health benefits in the home. Apart from the coronavirus, air purifiers also offer many other benefits.

  • They help to collect known allergens like pet dander and pollen. This helps to reduce the allergies that your family members may experience while in the home.
  • They work to reduce unpleasant odors in the home. This could be smoke from tobacco or pet odor. Through its dilution property, air purifiers can provide many useful benefits for homeowners.
  • Air purifiers work to reduce the number of airborne particles like asbestos that could lead to respiratory problems.

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