Do You Need An HVAC Seasonal Tune-Up or Preventative Maintenance?

HVAC Seasonal Tune-Up
Thu, 03/05/2020 - 9:00am 

Do You Need An HVAC Seasonal Tune-Up or Preventative Maintenance?

An HVAC unit can seem like a very complex system for the average homeowner. Understanding what needs to be done to maintain your system is a necessity to ensure its longevity. Both seasonal tune-ups and preventative maintenance are part of essential practices every homeowner should be doing for their HVAC system.

What Is An HVAC Seasonal Tune-Up?

It's important to note that a seasonal HVAC tune-up is very different from preventative maintenance. The biggest indicator of the difference is that your seasonal tune-up will be performed by a professional. You should be having your seasonal tune-ups in the early spring and early fall.

The early spring tune-up will be for your air conditioner. The early fall tune-up will be for your heating unit, such as your furnace. During this type of seasonal tune-up, your HVAC pro will perform the following:

  • Inspect Your Outdoor Compressor Unit
  • Clean The Condenser Drain
  • Lubricate Blades and Motors
  • Inspect Internal System Components
  • Clean Evaporator Coil
  • Test Compressor Amp During System Startup

Understanding HVAC Preventative Maintenance

As you learned above, preventative maintenance is something that you can do by yourself to protect the longevity of your HVAC system. If you're not familiar with how to perform preventative maintenance, you can benefit from having a professional show you how for the first time. When you keep up with this maintenance, you can ensure clean indoor air quality, low energy bills, and a great lifespan for your unit.

There are various tasks that you'll need to perform for your HVAC preventative maintenance. These tasks should be completed every three to four months depending on the usage that your HVAC system receives. Here are some of the most common maintenance tasks that you'll need to perform on your home's HVAC system:

  • Check For Noise and Vibration
  • Inspect Wiring and Electrical Components
  • Lubricate Shaft Bearings
  • Check For Oil Leaks
  • Clean Condenser Coil
  • Test Safety Controls
  • Visually Inspect Area Near Outdoor Compressor Unit

Are Both Of These Services Actually Necessary For Your HVAC System?

The simple truth is that both seasonal tune-ups and preventative maintenance are necessary for the health of your system. If you decide not to perform these tasks, you'll likely notice an increase in your energy bills as your system stops functioning at its best. Over time, you'll notice more failures and your system will kill out before its suggested lifespan.

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