Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units?
Thu, 12/17/2020 - 9:00am 

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units?

Homeowners insurance can cover the HVAC system in the case of unexpected damage. The homeowner's policy usually covers the HVAC systems through the personal property coverage and the dwelling coverage present in your insurance policy:

  • Dwelling coverage can help replace or repair the HVAC Unit. 
  • Personal property coverage covers the replacement or repair of a window-based unit since it is a personal possession.

Insurance firms can cover hazards such as explosions, fires, or damages caused by falling objects. If the air conditioning unit breaks down because of wear and tear, the insurance firm will not cater to the replacement or repair services.

Below are instances whereby homeowner's insurance covers the HVAC units:

1. When a Tree Falls on the Built-in HVAC unit

The majority of the homeowner's insurance policies cover falling objects. If a falling tree damages a window-unit, the insurer will only chip in if an exterior part of the home incurs any damage. The insurer should shed some light on what each policy covers.

2. Hail damages the Central Air Conditioner

The central AC units are prone to hail damage. The dwelling coverage only caters to the built-in appliances that have been damaged by hail. On the other hand, the window air conditioning units can only be covered by personal property coverage.

Liaise with the insurer if you need some clarification on what each policy covers.

3. Lightning and Fire Damage

If your HVAC system has been damaged by fire, it can be replaced or repaired by your insurance company. When the AC unit is damaged by lightning and the electrical components, your insurance company should step in and cater to the replacement or repair costs.

The homeowner's insurance policy can't cover HVAC units if the unit breaks down due to old age. If the unit fails because of a frozen evaporator coil or a broken fan, you will incur the repair costs. To avoid such expenses, ensure the HVAC system is well-maintained.

Filing an HVAC Insurance Claim

Consider how viable it is to file an insurance claim when your HVAC system is damaged. If the damage cost more than the deductibles, you can file a claim. After filing a claim, adjusters will evaluate the damaged HVAC system and then issue an estimate of the cost of repairs or replacement.

You can be reimbursed in the following ways:

  • As per the HVAC unit's market value, insurance policies also cover the real cash value before it breaks down.
  • As per the cost of replacing the HVAC unit, if the insurance policy covers the replacement value.

Bottom Line

If you are unsure about your insurance policy cover, it is advisable to contact your insurance firm. Be sure to also contact the experts at Command Service Center to prevent your HVAC unit from further wear and tear.


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