Finding an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Finding an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner
Thu, 06/20/2019 - 9:00am / By christina

Finding an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

In the summertime heat, most of us can be thankful that we have air conditioning units that keep us at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. However, taking a look at your energy bill may make your thankfulness disappear real quick. The energy rating on your air conditioner can drastically affect the energy bills that you see according to any skilled HVAC professional. Since you'll be running your unit practically all summer long, you'll want a model that will give you the most cooling power for the cheapest cost to run.

Reasons You Should Consider Going Efficient

Keeping your home as energy efficient as possible will help to keep your energy bills at bay. This is because energy efficient units tend to have lower usage rates and, therefore, require less energy to operate. When you use less energy, you can help to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your home. Energy efficient air conditioners tend to be built to a better quality than other units. This is because the parts need to perform better to use less energy. Also, these units tend to come with more smart features like telling you when to change filters so that you can get the most operating power out of your unit as possible.

Understanding BTUs and EER

When you look at any air conditioner for sale, you'll notice two main numbers are always highlighted. These are the BTUs and the EER. You should understand what both of these terms mean so that you can better pick out an air conditioning unit that will meet the needs of your space.
BTUs - Short for British Thermal Units, this is a measure of the unit's power for HVAC. It reveals how much the air conditioner can cool the air around it in an hour. The simple rule of thumb when looking at BTUs is to get a unit that produces enough BTUs to cool the air in your required space. You can gauge your needs by opting for 20 BTUs per square foot room you have. It's important to note that purchasing a unit that has a BTU rating well over the requirement for your square footage is not a great idea. It will simply cost more to run than a unit that has a closer BTU rating to what you need.
EER - This stands for the HVAC energy efficiency ratio of the unit. It's a mathematical equation that takes the BTUs of the unit over the power input, measured in watts, of the unit. This basically means that the higher the EER number, the more efficient the air conditioner. In general terms, you'll want a unit with an EER rating of 12 or more as this will be putting your unit in the Energy Star level.
Finding an energy efficient air conditioner can mean the difference between an affordable summer's energy cost and costs that completely go way over your budget. By taking a look at the needs of your home, you can better pick an air conditioning unit that will fit your space capacity and energy needs. Be sure to follow the BTU and EER ratings when making your ultimate purchasing decision.
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