Help! My Washing Machine is Shaking!

Washing Machine Shaking
Mon, 10/10/2022 - 5:04pm 

Help! My Washing Machine is Shaking!

When it comes to scary noises that your home can make, there's one that will have you jumping up from your seat every time. This noise is the unexpected violent shaking of your beloved washing machine. Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take as a homeowner to reduce your risk of ever experiencing this unpleasant noise.

Level Its Feet

One common cause of washing machine shaking is unlevel feet. Most modern washing machines come with adjustable feet that allow you to level them almost effortlessly. By simply putting a level atop your washing machine and turning the feet, you can move your entire washing machine to a level position to reduce its shaking.

Balance Out Your Laundry Loads

Another common cause of the washing machine's wobbles is an uneven drum. This is caused by an unbalanced load of laundry inside your washing machine. When the drum is overloaded on one side, it will start to spin violently. You can help prevent this unexpected mishap by simply ensuring that you evenly put your laundry inside your washing machine drum. Never pack all your laundry to one side, as you'll be asking for a violently shaking beast to arise.

Anti-Vibration Pads

It's important to note that you should always expect some level of vibration from your washing machine as the drum will always move while it's washing. This is especially true during high-speed spin cycles. One great method for dampening the sounds of its vibrations is with anti-vibration pads. These simply get attached to the side of your washing machine and work to quiet the noises of its vibrations so that you can hardly hear them.

Remove the Shipping Bolts

All washing machine manufacturers will install shipping bolts so that the drums won't spin during the transportation process. While this is ideal for preventing unwanted damage to your new washing machine, it's important to remember to remove them. If you don't, the bolts will violently shake during operation. Refer to your washing machine's installation guide to locate these shipping bolts.

Replace the Shock Absorbers

Similar to cars, washing machines are constructed with shock absorbers. This help reduces the movement your washing machine undergoes as its drum shakes during the washing process. Over time, these shock absorbers can become worn and even break. If you've tried all the other prevention tactics to no avail, you may need to invest in new shock absorbers to quiet violent shaking during the wash.

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