How Different Weather Affects Your HVAC System

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Wed, 10/17/2018 - 1:27pm / By Anonymous

How Different Weather Affects Your HVAC System

Different factors affect our Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)  System. Some, for example, may be how often we clean them if we have regular maintenance performed on them, or even something as simple as changing the filters. 

Amid this all, ironically sometimes we may forget one aspect which is the very reason why this system was made in the first place; the weather.

HVAC Unit Working Overtime

During summer or winter, it’s understood that your household will repeatedly need the services of heating and cooling. Depending on which season it is, one unit is going to be operating almost non-stop. In warmer regions though, your AC might be what you’re using the majority of the year.

However when we say “working overtime,” we don’t just refer to the frequency of usage but also how much effort it’s going to put in by the unit. When the weather is extreme, that would mean your HVAC is going to work a lot harder. That’s because it’s going to be more difficult to lower or increase temperatures when you’re going up against the full wrath of mother nature. It isn’t impossible to get the job done though, as long as you obtained yours from a reliable manufacturer.

Put these all together, and it would amount to a rise in wear and tear. With this much strain placed on your hardware, make sure you take care of them properly so you can prolong their lifespan.

Utility Bills

Your system won't be performing at all without electricity or gas. In fact, with the situation stated earlier, their consumption of these resources may increase a lot. These come at a price, and naturally, as it consumes more, you will be paying more.

Supply and Demand

The weather will affect the demand of consumers, which in turn influences the rates of utilities. During warm weather, AC usage skyrockets, so electricity would be in high demand. The same goes for gas during cold weather.

The Wise Thing To Do

If you want to cut down on expenses during times like these, then when your residence is void of occupants, or while you’re sleeping, shave off or put on 5 degrees (depending on whether it’s hot or cold). If you can maintain this for 8 hours or more, you can end up saving 5 to 15% yearly.

It would be even a lot better if you had a programmable or wi-fi thermostat in place. You no longer have to leave it running the whole day even when no one is around. Now you may have it start operating 20 minutes before you get back. Imagine how much savings you can accumulate with that!

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For your HVAC to remain in top condition during the most severe seasons or weathers, always consult with professionals and adhere to their recommendations. Remember, these things are only as good as how we treat them. Do so the way they need to be, and they will function as you need them to. To be assured of quality HVAC servicing, contact Command Service Center at 847-558-7780.


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