How Does the R22 Coolant Phase Out Affect my System?

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 9:00am / By christina

How Does the R22 Coolant Phase Out Affect my System?

By now you may or may not know that there is a requirement that by the year 2021, the use of r22 will be phased out completely. Now before you freak out and think that the end of the world is at hand, you need to understand that there is a replacement that is a lot safer for use and will deliver the same level of results that you have received from R22. The main reason that this has been phased out is that it has been shown to be harmful to the environment and as such can damage the ozone layer. Many companies have made efforts to make sure that they quit using this as soon as possible while others are phasing it out in a slow manner as they are trying to get rid of the back supply that they have.

Think About a System Upgrade

If you are able to, it is advised by a lot of HVAC professionals that you upgrade your system to try and be compliant with the new regulations and know that if you continue to use your old system you will more than likely have an HVAC professional that will use an alternative to R22. The good news is that you will never be able to tell the difference. Between these two forms of refrigerants, you will not notice the difference and your system will continue to run just as effectively as it has been running.

Age of Your HVAC System

The biggest units that will be affected is those that were made before 2010, these units will be the main ones that have been using this form of refrigerant and as a result, it will lead to the new form having to be used. If you are not sure what type your HVAC unit uses, then you can always contact an HVAC professional that will be able to tell you if your system is affected or not. Those that are not affected will be able to use the new replacement without issues. If you are affected, then you will likely be able to use a replacement as suggested by your HVAC technician.

New Regulations for a Healthier Earth

This is all done in an effort to reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the air from a system that is leaking. This has been one of the biggest issues that have affected the environment. The more that you know in advance, then the better off you will be when your system develops an issue that you will need to attend to. It is something that your repairman will be able to help explain to you if you are really wanting to know all about the replacement of R22. This will be a good move for the environment as well as a cheaper way to replace your HVAC refrigerant.

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