How Much Does Getting a New HVAC Affect Your Home's Value?

A new HVAC unit and ac system.
Thu, 04/20/2023 - 9:00am 

How Much Does Getting a New HVAC Affect Your Home's Value?

If you've been dealing with an inefficient HVAC system that has been draining your bank account, it can be exciting to think about upgrading to a new system. Not only do they have newer, more convenient features than older systems, but they're also much more energy efficient and lighter on your budget. However, one big question that many homeowners have about installing a new HVAC system is whether it will enhance their homes' value.

The Many Benefits of Owning a New HVAC System

One of the biggest benefits you'll gain from upgrading to a new HVAC system is that it will be more energy efficient than older models. This means that you'll have to spend less money every month running your new HVAC system once you upgrade. Another great benefit is that it provides you with peace of mind that you won't have any major repair issues in the foreseeable future because all the components of your system are brand new and under warranty.

When you invest in a new HVAC system for your home, it will likely come along with an abundance of convenience features that your old system did not have. These features can be things like two-stage heating and even a smart thermostat. Your new system will allow you to better tailor your indoor comfort level and enjoy quieter system operation. Additionally, newer HVAC systems are manufactured with more environmentally-friendly and sustainable products than older ones.

Will a New HVAC System Enhance Your Home's Value?

Aside from a mortgage payment, heating and cooling costs are the second largest expense for most homeowners. When home buyers are looking for their ideal home, they will give more weight to a house with a newer and more efficient HVAC system than homes still sporting older and less efficient models.

When you invest in a new HVAC system, you not only take advantage of its new efficiency, but you can also ensure that it will skyrocket the market value of your home. Home buyers know an HVAC system will be a large expense apart from putting on a new roof. Most want to avoid paying for that expense within the first ten years of owning a new home. This is where having a new HVAC system installed in your current home helps to give you the edge over competitors and allows home buyers to pay you more for your property than others.

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