How to Prepare Your A/C for Summer’s Heatwave

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Tue, 05/15/2018 - 9:33am / By christina

How to Prepare Your A/C for Summer’s Heatwave

The warmer months of the year are fast approaching, and when summer finally kicks in, your air conditioner may not be able to catch a break. But before you switch on your trusted cooling appliance, a little preparation is needed.

There are certain things you should check to make sure that your air conditioner will be able to handle the amount of work it will be doing.

Clean The Outdoor Unit

Most air conditioners have an outdoor unit, called a condenser. Its purpose is to release the warm air from inside your home. Over time, debris such as leaves, weeds, and brushes will start to grow around it and the air flow will be obstructed. This will take its toll on the efficiency of the air conditioner and it will result in it not being able to cool your home as well as you would like.

Clear the immediate vicinity of your air conditioner’s outdoor unit so its cooling ability will not be compromised. Dust and other finer debris will most likely accumulate on the condenser’s cover as well so it will help keep the air flow unimpeded if it is thoroughly washed.

Clean The Vents

Speaking of air flow blockage, dirty vents can also make it hard for your air conditioner to do its job and may even blow dust into your home. Vacuum or wash the vents throughout the house to maintain the indoor air quality and to prevent dust and other debris from wreaking havoc.

Change The Air Filters

Homeowners sometimes forget to change the air filters of their air conditioners and that is also one of the reasons their air-flow is blocked. Aside from protecting the internal components of your air conditioner from dust and debris, air filters are also responsible for keeping the indoor air quality at a comfortable and pleasant level so you should make it a point to change it regularly, especially if you own pets.

Replace your air conditioner’s filter as the summer starts to begin the season with a smooth operation and clean indoor air.

Check the Thermostat

Another component of your air conditioner that you should inspect is the thermostat. This particular part is often overlooked, yet many do not know that a faulty thermostat will potentially lead to problems such as short-cycling, which will spike your electric bills and eventually damage your air conditioner.

Check if the thermostat and the air conditioner are still working together. If you encounter problems, it is best to have it repaired before it causes further damage.

Have It Serviced by a Professional

Last but not least, schedule an appointment with a HVAC professional to get your air conditioner serviced before summer. A technician will inspect your AC for any malfunctions and inefficiencies that you might not be able to notice on your own, much less fix.

Having your AC tuned up will keep it in great condition so you wouldn’t have to worry about a breakdown in the middle of a scorching day.

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