How to Fix An Ice Maker That Won't Dispense Ice

Thu, 05/04/2023 - 12:44pm 

How to Fix An Ice Maker That Won't Dispense Ice

An ice maker is one of the nicest upgrades to have for any refrigerator. This will help provide you with the convenience of having a nice, cool drink whenever you want, especially during those hot summer days. However, it's not uncommon for homeowners to experience an issue with their ice dispenser when it's time for repairs.

Check the Lock Button

Almost every homeowner has fallen victim to accidentally hitting the lock button on their refrigerator's ice dispenser. Whenever the lock button is pushed, it will prevent any ice or water from being dispensed. Fortunately, this is a very simple fix. All you need to do is hit the lock button to unlock it.

Doors Ajar

Another common problem you may run into that is causing your ice dispenser not to work is that your refrigerator door isn't closed the whole way. Most newer refrigerators have a safety feature that prevents your ice dispenser from working whenever your doors are ajar. Again, this is another simple fix where you must ensure your doors are completely shut, and your ice dispenser will start working again.

No Ice or Ice Melt

You should hear the motor running whenever you hit the button for your ice dispenser. If you're consistently hearing this motor running and there's no ice coming out of the dispenser, it's time to check your ice bin. It's not uncommon for ice to run out or for temperature fluctuations to cause the ice to freeze around the auger and prevent ice cubes from coming out. If melted ice has frozen around the auger, you'll want to take your time to thaw it out and empty the contents of your ice bin. Once new ice has been made, you should be able to try the dispenser, and it will come out like normal.

Dispenser Paddle Depressed

Most newer ice dispensers will have a built-in safety feature that will turn the motor off whenever it detects the dispenser paddle has been depressed for at least three minutes. This helps prevent any overheating of the motor that could destroy it. Fortunately, this is another easy fix, as all you have to do is alleviate pressure from the dispenser paddle for a moment and then depress it again.

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