How to Keep Your A/C Unit from Overheating

How to Keep Your A/C Unit from Overheating
Thu, 06/17/2021 - 9:00am / By emily

How to Keep Your A/C Unit from Overheating

Coming home from a long day at work, you look forward to a cold drink and some cool air conditioning. However, the inside of your house is not as cool as you expect it to be. It’s hot and humid, and you can immediately tell that something is wrong. What could have happened?

When you go to check your unit, it appears that the air conditioner overheated and tripped the circuit breaker. It has been off all day and will take forever to get the house cooled down. To keep this from happening in the future, you can take steps to ensure your air conditioning unit doesn’t overheat.

1. Check your filter.

An air filter prevents dust, hair, pet dander, and allergen particles from entering your home. However, a filter that is full can’t let in adequate amounts of airflow. If the airflow through the filter is restricted, it can cause your A/C unit to become stressed and overheat.

2. Have an HVAC technician check refrigerant levels.

As a homeowner, you should be getting yearly inspections and routine maintenance for your HVAC system. One of those visits should include an A/C unit refrigerant check. If your system has not been cooling as well lately, it could be due to low refrigerant levels. The technician will check for leaks and recharge the system if needed. If your outdoor unit has ice crystals, it’s a pretty sure sign of low coolant.

3. Clean your condenser coils.

The condenser sucks the hot air out of your home and releases it outside. The coils on the outdoor unit can become clogged with leaves, dirt, or mud, which can restrict the airflow within the A/C unit. You can prevent the system from overheating by making sure to keep the area around the condenser free of debris. Spraying around the unit with a garden hose will eliminate dirt and ensure you have good airflow.

4. If the A/C unit is more than ten years old, replace it.

An air conditioning system that is more than ten years old should be replaced with a newer, energy-efficient model. An older system uses much more energy as it enters the last part of its life. If the system has already been repaired a few times, it should probably be replaced with a new one. The team at Command Service Center can help install a new heating and cooling system that will work efficiently for years to come.

During the summer, you will want to come home to a cool, comfortable house. Following these tips, and staying on top of routine A/C unit maintenance, will ensure that your house stays cool and your air conditioning system doesn’t overheat. For more information on how to prevent your air conditioning system from overheating, contact us at Command Service Center.



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