HVAC To-Do List for an Illinois Winter

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HVAC To-Do List for an Illinois Winter

More than just the falling leaves mark winter. The temperatures fall to freezing point and the days are not only chillier but shorter. The utility bills are a little higher putting a greater strain on your already strain pockets. In addition to running the danger of freezing indoors, ineffectively functioning heating systems can punch even a bigger hole in your pockets in the form of bills that can damper your holiday plans.

Benefits of Preparing Your HVAC System for winter

The key to successfully weathering the Illinois winter weather is preparing your HVAC system before the onset of the season.

Save Energy

A properly maintained heating system saves energy and leads to greater satisfaction with indoor temperatures during winter. This is because preparing your system ensures that it functions efficiently.

Saving Money

Having your heating system inspected and repaired before the onset of winter will ensure that your system works efficiently which can reduce your energy needs manifolds during winter. Prior preparation ensures you shop for the best contractor and parts of the heating system. All these translate into saved money which you can plow back into your winter festivities kitty to buy your loved one's gifts.

Ample Time for a Test Run

Early preparations will give you the luxury of testing whether your heating system is properly functioning and avoid the dangers associated with a last-minute rush during winter.

HVAC To-Do List for an Illinois Winter

Before the onset of winter in Illinois, it’s advisable to check off the following from your to-do checklist.

Pilot Light Check

The pilot light controls the heating furnace of the heating system. Check and repair improperly working pilot lights including frequent switching off and on.

Ensure Air Filters & Vents Are Working

Clogged or broken air filters lead to inefficient energy consumption and output by your heating system. Clean or replace broken air filters before the onset of winter.

Test Humidifier & Thermostat

Clear, clean and test-run your registers, humidifier, and thermostat to ensure they are properly working.

Carbon Monoxide Check

Check your carbon monoxide detector to ensure that they are correctly functioning including their batteries to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hire a Professional

Having a trained and certified expert check your system before the onset of winter can be the difference between spending a cold winter indoors with a hole in your pocket and enjoying comfy winter nights with loved ones.

Supplementing the Effectiveness

There is more to ensuring that your winters are warm and comfortable than just maintaining the heating system. For effective functioning of your heating system during winter, clear vegetation around your external heating system to ensure the free flow of air. Keeping furniture away from the windows can reduce dampness and draftiness indoors during winter. Moreover, shop for and wear warm winter clothes to reduce the strain on your heater.

Winter can be a period of fun with the right preparation. Having a properly functioning heating system can go a long way in improving energy use efficiency while also reducing the cost of keeping your home during the winter. However, the key to early preparation is seeking professional help from heating system contractors.

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