HVAC Smells To Be Aware Of

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HVAC Smells To Be Aware Of

Gone are the days when owning an HVAC system is a luxury. Especially when the weather becomes too hot or too cold, we depend on the HVAC system to control the temperature inside your household. Unfortunately, there are some instances where you might smell something odd when relaxing in the comforts of your own home when it’s running. If the foul smell is not removed, there’s the possibility of putting your family’s health at risk.

Here are the different kinds of foul odors that can omit from your HVAC system

1. Rotten Eggs

Even if you may not have rotten eggs sitting at home, the reason why you might have a rotten egg smell circulating the air is that of a gas leak coming from the air conditioner. This is dangerous, so it’s advisable for people in this situation to turn off electrical appliances and gas supplies and evacuate the household as soon as possible. Contact the nearest gas company to make sure that this problem will be taken care of.

2. Nicotine

When you or your family members tend to smoke inside your household, especially when the air conditioner is on, the smell of nicotine can be accumulated in the filter which leaves a weird smell. When this happens, have your filters changed as soon as possible to get rid of the stench. Moving forward, ensure any smoking is done outdoors so the smell won’t circulate inside the house.

3. Burning or Gunpowder Smell

When you smell something burning in the air, it’s because of a mechanical issue happening inside your HVAC system, may it be an overheating wire or shortage in the circuit. Make sure your HVAC system is turned off to avoid further damages. At times like this, especially when the burning smell gets worse, it’s best to contact your local fire department and evacuate your homes immediately. Schedule a technician to fix mechanical problems with your HVAC system to avoid further problems.

4. Smelly Feet

When you’re smelling stinky feet in your household even if you or your family members are not emitting any foul smell, it’s mostly coming from your air conditioner. This is caused when your evaporator coils become dirty, and the water becomes stagnant causing that weird dirty socks smell. Solve this problem by having your evaporator coils cleaned well.

5.  Moldy Smell

Condensation in the unit can be a common problem now and then when there are instances that there is excess humidity in the HVAC system this can cause moisture in the ductwork leading buildup to mold. This situation can be corrected by fixing water leaks inside the HVAC system.

Contact the Experts at Command Service Center

When these smells spread in the air, the common solution is to make sure to have regular HVAC maintenance so it can be looked into regularly to check if any problems need fixing. Set a monthly visit from one of our licensed technicians to lessen the chances of encountering these risky situations and enduring the foul scents. For professional services, contact Command Service Center at 847-558-7780.


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