Staying Insulated this Winter

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Mon, 12/03/2018 - 8:45am / By Anonymous

Staying Insulated this Winter

It's cold outside! There will be times when staying warm at this time of the year is the only thing that will be on your mind. The only place you want the cold weather to be is outside. Let's keep it that way by making certain that the home place stays warm and cozy.

Keeping Your Home Warm

Keeping the house insulated will make you more comfortable. Some homes are older, and it is harder to keep them warm during the cold weather months. Heating costs are always at the top of concerns when winter comes around. To keep heating costs down, it is best to insulate well. You can do this at any time of the year.

Insulating Your Home

Insulating a home is good for stopping energy loss. Once the doors, windows, or floor gaps are evaluated, then the insulation plan can begin. An under-insulated home will show signs of the winter chill breaking the barrier of the house. Fluctuating temperatures is a sign that the temperature is uneven in the house. Perhaps you will feel cold in the bedroom, but warmer in the living room. This could be a sign of improper or inadequate home insulation.  

Other Signs You need to Improve Your Insulation

Some other signs that the home is in need of insulation is cold walls. If the interior walls and ceilings are cold and damp, there is not enough insulation. The interior should feel dry and warm to the touch.

Other Ways to Keep Your Home Warm

Besides installing insulation into the house, below are some other ways to insulate the house until you are ready to have your installation installed.

Installing a programmable thermostat can aid in making certain the house is not so hot that you are sweating in the middle of winter and not so cold that you are shivering while watching television. Instead of you keeping up with the thermostat you can program it to be at a certain temperature at the time you desire.

Keeping heavy items like furniture away from the vents keeps the airflow of the house going in the direction it should. It is easy to forget about the vents and place a couch near the wall because it looks good aesthetically. When blocking the vents, the maximum heating potential is blocked. There are return vents in a central heating system. This could cause air pressure issues. It is best to move heavy objects and items from the vents during the wintertime.

Staying warm is what is on everyone's minds this wintertime. It's time to insulate your home and be warm for the winter. For expert service and help keeping your home warm this winter, contact Command Services Center at (847) 558-7780.



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