Three Reasons to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

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Fri, 06/01/2018 - 9:34am / By christina

Three Reasons to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

When winter comes around in the Midwest, having hot water is a must. But almost anyone who owns a house or residence knows that having hot water instantly and for long periods of time can be challenging. There is always some issue.

Whether two people have to shower at the same time or multiple appliances have used up all the hot water, winters can get really hard with an irregular supply of hot water. Many of us end up with the occasional lukewarm or even cold shower when you are expecting a nice warm start to your morning.

Changing to a new tankless water heater could solve your hot water problems. Here are three major reasons why you should considering switch to a tankless water heater as soon as possible.

Tankless Water Heaters Are More Efficient

One of the biggest advantages of a tankless water is that it is more energy efficient. By switching from a traditional tank heater, you can reduce the amount of energy that you use for heating water everyday by as much as 20%. This does not mean that tankless water heaters take more time to provide hot water. The water is heated up immediately when it is needed.

How can tankless water heaters be so energy efficient? This is because tankless water heaters only need water at the exact moment when they are being used as the water passes through the heater.

In a tank heater, the water has to be kept warm throughout the day and even the night. This takes up a big chunk of your energy consumption. But with tankless heaters water is heated only when you need it. With energy consumption reduced by such a significant amount, your bills should reap the benefits!

Electric Tankless Water Heaters Are Safe And Eco-friendly

When you rely on a tank heater, the dangers associated with gas and carbon monoxide poisoning is always present. They need regular services checks simply to make sure that there are no gas leaks that can harm you or your family. But this is not something you need to worry about with electric tankless water heaters.

They use modern technology that makes them environmentally friendly, as they do not produce greenhouse gases at all. So now you can enjoy long hot baths without worrying about a bad environmental impact, along with the knowledge that you will not run out of hot water.

Easy to Install And Easy to Maintain

Traditional tank heaters can take up quite a lot of space, especially the really old ones. They need separate empty closets or a proper planned space to avoid potential problems. But a tankless water heater poses no such problem.

They are small so one can easily fit inside the cabinet of your bathroom or even unseen inside your ceiling. One can even be installed outside your home with an antifreeze kit.

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