What is the Most Common Problem with a Dishwasher?

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Thu, 03/17/2022 - 10:00am 

What is the Most Common Problem with a Dishwasher?

It seems like our days are getting even busier than ever before. Having a home dishwasher can help to save you much-needed time when it comes to cleaning your dishes. While this is a great household item when it works, there are some common problems with dishwashers that may experience from time to time that will require repairs.

Unclean Dishes

Over time, excess grime and grease can accumulate inside your dishwasher. When the strain screen, door gasket, or spray arms get grease and food waste accumulating on them, it can decrease the pressure of the water coming out of the components. Low water pressure can hinder your dishwasher's ability to thoroughly wash your dishes.

It Won't Start

An obvious sign of a dishwasher malfunction is that it won't start. Many times this is due to faulty door latches and switches. As a safety mechanism, your dishwasher won't start if it senses that its door isn't latched. You'll need to have the latch or sensor switch replaced before properly starting. In some other cases, the no-start malfunction could be due to wiring damage.

Water Leaks

When you start noticing water accumulating under your dishwasher, it's time to be concerned. The water leak over time can result in massive damage to your kitchen. The leak can be caused by a damaged or cracked drainage hose or faulty heating element gasket. It's best to have this problem quickly evaluated by a professional before running your dishwasher again.

Wet Dishes

Every dishwasher offers a drying cycle that ensures your dishes are completely dry and ready to be put away. If you've noticed that your dishes end up being extremely wet after a wash cycle, it's likely an issue with the dishwasher's heating element. To verify the problem, the heating element must be tested with a multimeter, which is best left up to the professionals.

It Won't Drain

Another common issue you may run into with your dishwasher is that it won't drain. This can be a big problem as excess water can wreak havoc on your kitchen. In most cases, the cause of the draining malfunction is the check valve located on the drain pump. Sometimes replacing just the check valve will work, and other times you may also need to have the drain sump replaced for your dishwasher to drain properly.

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