What To Do If Your HVAC System Stops Working

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Mon, 07/23/2018 - 9:33am 

What To Do If Your HVAC System Stops Working

Can you imagine homes without HVAC systems? Neither can we. They determine the resident’s comfort and health during extreme weather. Now the question comes to mind, what happens if it stops working? How will we reach that state of ease and relaxation when the temperatures do not agree with our bodies?

Typically, when the system isn’t functioning right, the best thing to do is to call an HVAC technician. However, there are certain things you might be able to do to get it to operate again with just a few simple repairs. 

Fixing The Problem

First, check the ducts and the air vents. Make sure nothing is obstructing the ducts or vents, preventing the air from coming out. See to it that these are clean enough not to affect the performance of your heating and cooling system.

Next, examine your thermostat and see if it is functioning properly. Check if it has been set to the right temperature.

For issues specific to the furnace or the air conditioner, here’s a list of them and how to resolve them. 

Problem With The Furnace

  1. Check if the power breaker is off - You could waste time waiting for the technician to arrive only to see that you forgot to turn on the power breaker.

  2. The furnace may not be getting gas to use - See to it that nothing is blocking the gas valve at home. Make sure that other gas-consuming appliances are operating correctly. If this is the case, you’ve exhausted every other possible way to get your furnace to work; then it’s probably time to call in a professional.

  3. The heat pump does not reach the exact temperature - If the weather is tremendously cold and your heat pump does not generate enough heat to achieve your desired temperature, do not worry as this is normal. Adjust your thermostat accordingly until room temperature is comfortable.

  4. The furnace needs maintenance - Maintaining your HVAC, which includes your heating system, is crucial for it to run correctly. Parts that are worn out are changed. Resistance is eliminated so motors can rotate with ease. Less time and gas is needed to produce heat.

  5. No air is coming out - Usually, this is because the belt has broken. Shut down your unit and the gas, and open the furnace cabinet. You will find there is a number labeled on the belt. Purchase the same belt for you to swap with your old one.

  6. Broken oil burner - Try exchanging your filter for a new one. Check if it’s receiving electricity or a sensor has warned it to shut off.

Problem With The Air Conditioner

  1. Inspect for refrigerant leaks - The refrigerant is tasked with casting away the heat in an area. Without maintenance or due to old age refrigerants could start to secrete.

  2. Make sure wirings are fine - Wiring issues cause many problems. Check your unit for indications of such, and if so call in an electrician or one of our HVAC experts.

  3. Clean out your air conditioner filters - Dust or particles that have accumulated on these filters may prevent the air from coming out from the air conditioners. Make sure that these are checked and cleaned regularly.

How the Experts at Command Service Center Can Help 

If you tried everything stated above, but your HVAC system has still yet to work or function properly, have your troubles dealt with by an HVAC technician. For professional services, contact Command Service Center at 847-558-7780.


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