What to Do When Your A/C Unit Breaks

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Wed, 05/01/2019 - 9:00am / By christina

What to Do When Your A/C Unit Breaks

Did Your AC Unit Break?

While everyone looks forward to the long, balmy days of a Chicago summer, they also count on the welcome refreshment of a well running AC unit. Unfortunately, an AC unit can fail and you may find yourself in need of ac repair on a hot summer day. Here are some tips for preventing or dealing with that day.


Preventing the need for HVAC repair is always best. Know the signs that your unit may be in trouble. If you notice any loud noises when the unit is in operation, if you cannot keep the temperature in your house below 78 degrees or if the unit is blowing cool but not cold air it is time to call an HVAC Professional. Even if there are no signs of trouble, a unit that is more than 10 years old may be near the end of life.

Keep any AC unit in tiptop working shape by arranging for twice yearly tune-ups and changing filters every 30 days.

Stay Cool

If despite your best efforts the AC does go out, you can maximize the cool in your home while waiting for an ac repair.

During the day: Keep shades lowered, use fans to create as much as a 4 degree wind chill factor, turn ceiling fans to counterclockwise to draw up heated air and disperse cool air downward and avoid using the oven, stove, dryer and dishwasher.

At night: Open windows and take a cool shower or bath. Keep a few damp towels in the freezer and wrap one around your neck. Always stay hydrated! You might even consider investing in a mini portable AC unit.


While doing your best to stay cool, locate the model and serial number on the unit in need of repair and find a reputable HVAC Professional that services your brand of air conditioner. Check local reviews and get an accurate estimate before any HVAC repairs begin. Also, check and see if your unit has a warranty and ask your HVAC Professional about special savings or coupons.

Command Service Center hopes you sail through summer without the need for ac repair. But if you do have a problem, stay cool and call our emergency services available 24 hours/7 day a week at (847) 558-7780. Schedule your service today, with Command Service Center. 


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