Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Thu, 05/19/2022 - 9:00am 

Why Is My Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Naturally, there's reason to be concerned if you open your fridge and things are sour, spoiled, not smelling so good, or usually warm. These are all signs your refrigerator is not cooling. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean it's time to buy a new fridge. In fact, it's often possible to resolve the issue with a few steps or repairs. We'll go over some of the possible reasons why your fridge may not be cooling correctly – or at all.

Temperature Settings May Need Adjusted

All it takes is an accidental brush to shift temperature settings – or having curious kids in your home. So, before you do anything else, make sure your fridge and freezer settings are properly set. If this is indeed the problem, allow at least a day for the temperature to adjust back.

Condenser Coils/Door Gaskets Might Need to Be Cleaned

Your refrigerator may not be cooling because a few key parts are affected by dirt and debris. Two of the main culprits are the condenser coils, which can be accessed from the back of the fridge by unlatching the anti-tip brackets. These coils can be cleaned with your vacuum's handheld attachment.

The door seals or gaskets that help your fridge's door shut and hold cold air in sometimes become less clingy from gunk and other stuff. Simply wipe the door gaskets down with a warm, wet washcloth and mild detergent. Also, wipe off the surfaces the door seal touches when your fridge closes. It's also possible your door gaskets could be damaged or worn. If this is the case, this seal needs to be replaced.

Your Fridge Is Over/Under Stocked

A fridge that's packed with too much food could not be cooling properly because of blocked air vents. This can also happen if larger or bulky items are situated in front of air vents in your refrigerator or freezer. Conversely, an under-stocked fridge works harder to cool the inside spaces, which could result in a lack of sufficient cooling.

Your Refrigerator Isn't Leveled

If your fridge is too much out of level, it may not work right. A quick way to check if this is the problem is to use a laser or bubble level. The sides should be perfectly leveled. From the front to the back, there should be a ¼-inch tilt towards the back. This is important because it helps the fridge and freezer doors properly close.

Other Possible Issues

Don't forget to check the electrical connection as you continue to run through possible reasons why your fridge isn't cooling. Make sure the plug is firmly in place and that it's not plugged into a GFCI outlet since these outlets sometimes shut power off to the fridge. Some other potential reasons your refrigerator isn't cooling include:

  • Location: If your fridge is by warm appliances or in a spot exposed to direct sunlight and other warm conditions, it may have trouble keeping things cool.
  • Insufficient clearance: Your fridge needs sufficient clearance on the sides and in the back by the wall to operate properly. The general recommendations are 3/8-inch for the sides and an inch, at least, for the back.

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