Why You Shouldn't Neglect Your HVAC Unit Before the Holidays

Holiday HVAC Maintenance
Thu, 11/17/2022 - 8:59am 

Why You Shouldn't Neglect Your HVAC Unit Before the Holidays

As we dive into the cold weather, many of us are planning ahead for our many holiday celebrations with family and close friends. While you're probably thinking about sleeping arrangements and pleasing menu items, you should be sure that you don't overlook your HVAC unit. In fact, there are many reasons why you should always ensure that your HVAC system is prepared to take on the colder winter season.

Avoid Common Problems

If you avoid HVAC maintenance before the cold weather hits, you're likely setting yourself up for unwanted problems. Without regular maintenance, your system is more likely to prematurely wear and develop unexpected issues. You want to avoid having a malfunctioning heating system when your entire family stays at your house.

Additionally, when you don't have professional maintenance performed on your heating system, it can lead to higher than normal heating bills. This is because your heating system is working much harder than it needs to because its components aren't working at their optimal level.

Tips for Prepping Your HVAC System for the Holidays

One of the best things you can do to get your HVAC system ready to take on the holiday season is to have a professional perform maintenance on it. This will ensure that all your heating system's components are working at the top of their game and that your system warranty remains active.

As a homeowner, it's important that you do some preparation steps on your own to keep your system working great and your home comfortable. Start with changing out your air filter. This is located on the housing unit of your heating system. Next, use your vacuum to remove any dust and debris stuck on the vents and registers throughout your home.

Lastly, a great additional step you can take to properly prep your heating system for your guests' holiday season is to get a professional duct cleaning service. This will remove any dust, and other debris stuck inside the ductwork that runs throughout your home. It's necessary to have a professional perform this complex service as they have the appropriate equipment to reach the various runs of your ducting that you simply don't.

You should always test run your heating system before you need it. The first time it runs after sitting throughout the spring and summer months, it will likely let off a dirty smell. This smell is simply dust and other airborne debris burning off the system components as it starts to run.

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