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Appliance Safety 101: How to Identify and Resolve Common Home Appliance Hazards

Ensure a safer home environment with our Appliance Safety 101 guide. Learn to identify and resolve common hazards associated with household appliances.

Surviving the Heat Wave: Emergency Cooling Tips and Strategies

Stay cool during a heatwave with our emergency cooling tips and strategies. Learn how to beat the heat and ensure your safety in scorching temperatures.

4 Fun Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer Heat

Discover five fun ways to keep cool in the summer heat, including maximizing indoor air conditioning, utilizing ceiling fans and HVAC systems, pool or beach visits, backyard water activities, and enjoying cold treats.

When Should Home Appliances Be Repaired or Replaced?

Learn how to decide when to repair or replace your home appliances, considering factors such as age, cost of repairs, energy efficiency, and warranty coverage.

Is It Bad to Run Your Air Conditioner All Day?

Learn about the potential problems that can occur from running your AC all day. Get tips on how to save energy and money while keeping your home cool.

How to Fix An Ice Maker That Won't Dispense Ice

Ice makers are convenient to have but can be a hassle when they need to be fixed. Learn how to troubleshoot and repair your ice maker.

How Much Does Getting a New HVAC Affect Your Home's Value?

Upgrading your HVAC system can increase your home's value and appeal to buyers. Learn about the potential return on investment and benefits of a new HVAC.

How to Diagnose Your Garbage Disposal and How to Fix It

Don't let a malfunctioning garbage disposal ruin your day. Learn how to diagnose and fix common issues with these helpful tips and tricks.

5 Easy Ways to Ensure Your HVAC Unit is Ready for Spring

Spring is approaching soon, and we are excited about the warmer weather. Here are five easy ways to prep your HVAC unit just in time for spring!

When Is The Best Time to Shut Off Your Heating System?

The weather is slowly warming up, and you may be wondering when it's time to turn off the heat and crank up the air conditioner. Learn more!


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