Buyer's Guide: Central Air Conditioners

Buyer's Guide: Central Air Conditioners
Thu, 05/13/2021 - 10:00am / By Anonymous

Buyer's Guide: Central Air Conditioners

Shopping for an air conditioner comes with a lot of excitement. You're finally going to enjoy a comfortable environment at home during the blazing summer months. However, you need to understand the steps for buying a new unit, whether you want to replace the old one or it is your first time looking for one. Below is a shopping guide to help you get the right air conditioning unit for your home.

Types of Central Air Conditioners Available

Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner distributes cooled air in the entire house more than a split system. It uses a duct to circulate the air. The air is cooled at a central position before it gets distributed to the rest of the house. A central air conditioner is a powerful unit but rarely found in most homes.

Split Ductless Systems

Split ductless units contain a compressor and an outside condenser. It has air handlers that distribute air and are installed high on the wall while its louder component is placed outside, reducing noise and heat in the room. Each handler circulates cool air where it is installed.

Window Unit

Window air conditioners come in various sizes. They are inserted inside a room through the wall and are either installed permanently or used when necessary.

How to Choose the Right Size A/C Unit for Your Home

There are different air conditioners in the market, and choosing the right size may not be easy. It is not about the unit's physical size by the available cooling capacity of the unit as measured by British Thermal Units (BTU). No matter the type of unit you choose, whether central air conditioner, split or window, ensure you select the right size to make the most of the unit.

The best way to get the right size is by calculating the size of the space in your home where you want the air conditioner to cool. You can also seek help from a professional HVAC contractor to give you advice on the right size for your home.

How to Find an Energy-Efficient A/C Unit

Buying an energy-efficient air conditioner will save you lots of money on energy bills. The best way to choose an efficient unit is by checking the Season Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER). More efficient air conditioners, whether split systems or central air conditioners, would have a higher rating. Before you buy the system, ensure you are comfortable with the SEER rating. The most efficient units have a rating of between 15 and 17.

Some people often get carried away with prices and go for cheaper options without checking the rating. This can cost you more in the long run. It'd be best to invest more in buying a new central air conditioner or split systems and save money on energy bills than going for a cheaper option and paying more power bills.

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