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Regular Heating Service & Maintenance

Having your heating service and maintenance regularly done by a certified technician ensures the life of your heating system. Regular furnace maintenance by our certified technicians ensures the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your home’s heating system.

Our technicians are experts in determining what service is needed after a thorough inspection. Regular servicing significantly decreases your chance of needing a total replacement. Call Command Service Center, Inc. at (847) 558-7780 or with our online contact form to schedule a tune-up for your heating system and keep your family nice and toasty during the long Illinois winters.

Heating Service

Here Are A Few of the Services We Perform That Will Help Keep Your Furnace Running:

  • Check all electrical components
  • Check all high and low voltage wiring
  • Measure the amperage of all the motors
  • Check the temperature split for proper operation
  • Check for proper combustion air
  • Clean the burners
  • Clean the flame sensors and take readings
  • Clean the pilot assembly
  • Clean and inspect the heat exchangers
  • Check the strength of the igniter
  • Measure the airflow and static pressure
  • Test gas connections for leaks
  • Check the draft and vacuum pressure
  • Measure the manifold gas pressure
  • Test all the safety controls
  • Inspect the flue for cracks and rust
  • Check the calibration of the thermostat
  • Replace standard 1” air filter
  • Perform a carbon Monoxide test
  • Perform a combustion analyzer test
  • Wipe the unit down

Benefits of Regular Heating System Maintenance

What can you expect from your newly tuned-up HVAC system?

Safety First

Safety always comes first. Cracks can develop in the heat exchanger of your furnace, jeopardizing your family’s safety. Carbon monoxide gas can escape from these cracks, and your air will become poison. Short circuits can also develop if you fail to maintain your HVAC unit. Faulty electric connections can result in a fire.

Lower Energy Bills

Regular maintenance will save you big money in the long run. A neglected heating system will have to work harder over time to keep your house cool, costing you a lot more on energy bills.

Fewer Repairs

If you notice a strange odor or sound coming from your furnace, this can be a sign of possible damage in the system and should be taken seriously. Calling a certified technician immediately can help prevent the problem from escalating. Regular maintenance on your heating system will ensure that each part of your furnace runs smoothly, preventing a bigger problem in the future.

Equipment Lasts Longer

The reason why an entire HVAC system breaks down is because of individual parts that get neglected. Our service techs will inspect every aspect of your furnace and perform any needed maintenance so that the entire system lasts longer.

Why Is Furnace Maintenance So Important?

Your furnace is very similar to the motor in your car - if you never change the oil, the engine will quickly wear out. The same rules apply to your furnace. Preventative maintenance on your furnace will keep your HVAC system up and running all winter long with no surprise breakdowns.

Call us today to schedule maintenance for your furnace to keep your heating system in peak performance this winter!


Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

Your heating system should be serviced annually at the very least, and if your system has a heat pump, it should receive maintenance twice a year. There are a few maintenance tasks you can perform between scheduled maintenance to ensure your system runs smoothly until the next professional visit:           

  • Change the HVAC air filter every month. Some units have an indicator light that tells you when the filter is getting clogged and blocking airflow.
  • Remove debris from around the outdoor unit.
  • Hose down the outdoor unit when dirt begins to accumulate on it.
  • Trim back foliage to at least 18 inches from the outdoor unit.
  • Keep supply and return registers unblocked by drapes, rugs, or furniture.


Call (847) 558-7780 to schedule your furnace maintenance and see why Command Service Center, Inc. is the preferred choice for homeowners in Libertyville, Antioch, and surrounding cities.

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