Help! My HVAC Unit is Making Popping Sounds

Help! My HVAC Unit is Making Popping Sounds
Tue, 10/26/2021 - 10:00am / By emily

Help! My HVAC Unit is Making Popping Sounds

The design of your HVAC allows it to run without creating annoying sounds inside your home. If your HVAC gets noisy frequently, this may be an indication of a brewing problem. One problem that often has dire consequences to your HVAC system and safety is a popping sound.

The noise almost feels like popcorn popping off or cracking and can be very discomforting. We recommend turning off your system first when you hear the popping noises. Here are some possible causes of popping sounds in your HVAC system.

A Freezing Unit

If your unit gets too cold and freezes up or starts building up ice, you will likely hear popping noises. Ice build-up freezes up your unit, which triggers a sensor to eliminate the ice. At this point, your HVAC system enters defrost mode, enabling it to clear the ice away.

As the ice melts, it cracks and falls off, creating disruptive noises inside your system. While this may be normal, repeated, and too close, occurrences can signal a deeper problem. In which instance, you should call in an HVAC technician for a thorough inspection of your unit.

Presence of Water in The Unit

Your HVAC unit contains some electrical components that are in trouble when in contact with water. With the fall season upon us, your HVAC is liable to get exposed to rainwater. The water may not only cause damage to some components but also lead to popping noises from your system when it operates.

If you suspect water is the problem, completely turn off the system and visually check for water presence. Draining out the water through the drain pan helps get rid of the water. However, call an HVAC technician to effectively dry all components and certify if your HVAC is safe to operate.

Electrical Complications

Whether popping sounds from your HVAC are in tandem with a burning smell, electrical malfunctions may be the problem. Wiring joints or insulation wire damages due to rodents or wear and tear can cause electrical sparks that may ignite fires in your unit.

Fire in your unit is a high-risk safety situation for you and your loved ones. Therefore, turning off your main switch and calling an HVAC professional is the best reaction to these popping sounds.

Ductwork Complications

If the popping sounds are coming from your ducts, you have ductwork problems to tackle. Your ductwork is essential for air distribution, which makes it liable to debris/dust build-up and loose connections after prolonged use. Loose connections and your ducts wearing out can cause popping noises when air passes through.

Recently installed ductworks can also cause popping noises if the installation is poorly done. The noises will be a result of the improperly secured ducts shaking when air passes through them.

Recurring popping noises can cause discomfort to you and are a sign of a faulty HVAC system. Avoid DIY inspections and fixes that can harm your system or safety when you hear cracking or popping noises from your system. Call in our expert technicians to cater to your HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installation services.


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