Types of Boilers for Homes

Types of Boilers for Homes
Tue, 02/23/2021 - 10:00am 

Types of Boilers for Homes

As a homeowner, you face a lot of decisions when it comes to appliances. A boiler is a great way to heat any home during the colder seasons. Boilers use a series of radiators and connecting pipes to transport hot water or steam throughout a home. The heat from this hot steam or water is what allows each room in your home to remain comfortably warm for your family.

Hot Water Boiler Systems

The hot water boiler system is becoming more popular these days as new circulation pumps have made them more energy-efficient than ever before. With a hot water boiler system, a boiler tank is heated until the water inside of it reaches a warm temperature. The boiler can be heated with the homeowner's choice of fossil fuel.

The most prominently used are oil, natural gas, propane, and electricity. The hot water is pushed throughout the piping and radiators in your home. As they are, they naturally let off the heat from the water. With the help of a circulation pump, the cooled water is returned to the boiler for further heating. Most homeowners who have a hot water boiler system also use it to supply heated water throughout the home. This eliminates the need for a hot water tank.

Steam Boiler Systems

Steam boiler systems have remained a prevalent type of boiler system to use due to their high energy-efficiency. While they use more energy to heat the water into steam, they are more efficient at moving the steam throughout the radiators and piping in a home. You'll find steam boiler systems in many industrial and commercial buildings throughout the country.

Steam boiler systems take the warming process even further inside the boiler tank. The water continues to be heated until it turns into steam. You can easily picture how this works by thinking about a kettle boiling on the stove. The steam is then released into the radiators and piped throughout a home. The heat from the steam is dispersed throughout the various rooms in your home.

Standard And High-Efficiency Options

When choosing your next boiler system, you'll have the option between standard and high-efficiency systems. Standard boiler systems come with a lower upfront investment and generally operate around 85 percent efficiently. On the other hand, high-efficiency systems come with a higher upfront investment and operate at over 90 percent efficiency.

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