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Best Temperature

How to Set the Best Temperature for Your Furnace

February 8, 2022 - 09:37 | christina | Tips and Tricks

Figuring out the ideal temperature to set your thermostat can be tricky. If you ask different household members, they will all say different things. Some people will like it warmer, while others will like it colder.

Oven Repair

7 Common Signs You Need to Repair Your Oven

January 19, 2022 - 01:38 | christina | Repair

While most newer ovens are extremely reliable, they may have their problems from time to time. Knowing when your oven is showing signs of needed repair can help to ensure that you seek assistance before the problem worsens.

AC Unit in Winter

Should I Turn Off My A/C Unit During the Winter?

December 23, 2021 - 09:00 | christina | Air Conditioning