New Year, New Home Automation

Home Automation
Wed, 03/20/2019 - 9:00am / By christina

New Year, New Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

In today's modern world, there are many technological advances that have changed the way we live, including home automation. Home automation is one of the innovations that make our lives feel luxurious and convenient. Here are a few ideas to get started in home automation.


Have you ever arrived home late in the evening and wished that you didn't have to fumble around looking for the right key to get inside your home? Perhaps maybe you always forget to turn off the porch lights before heading out to work.

Today, you can ease your busy mind and automate this task. There are many smart devices in the market today that can automatically turn the lights on or off with preferences you can set. At times, you don't even have to worry about flipping a switch as the smart device will do it all for you.

Door Locks

Door locks can also be part of your home automation system. There are devices today that you can lock or unlock doors by simply using an app and your smartphone. For instance, you've gone out to do some grocery shopping but forgot to lock the door.

Utilizing a smart home device with an app and mobile phone, you can quickly lock your doors without having to go back home. Are you arriving back from the store and your arms are filled with grocery bags? You can also automate the process of unlocking your doors as you approach it by simply using an app.


As society has become more reliant on technology, the use of smart appliances has also gained in popularity. Today, you can automate many types of home appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, and even coffee makers to just name a few.

Automation can also extend to your laundry by purchasing a smart washer and dryer. You load your clothes into the washer or dryer and set your preferences. After that, the appliances will do the rest. This makes doing laundry a less tedious chore.


Have you ever wanted to automate your air heating and cooling system at home? Do you remember a time when you wished you'd come home to a warm and cozy home in the middle of winter? Have you ever wanted to come home to a refreshing cooled home after a summer's day activity? You guessed it! You can rely on automation for your HVAC system. There are many smart home devices today such as smart thermostats. These smart thermostats can adjust and regulate the temperature in your home. You can choose your preferences and you can even turn it off and on and set the temperature without even being at home.

Whether you want to automate your home's appliances or your home's temperature, it is recommended to hire an HVAC professional. By hiring an experienced HVAC professional at Command Services, you can be sure that your home automation device will be properly installed and integrated with your home's HVAC system.


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