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There’s nothing like a day at the beach on Lake Michigan or catching a baseball game at Wrigley Field, but the humidity can make it a little less enjoyable. But what if you come home after the game to find your A/C is broken in the middle of summer? You may have noticed some signs earlier that it was time for a replacement, but how would you really know?

Ask Yourself These Questions:

While most air conditioners have a lifetime value of 15 years, they reduce their efficiency after about 10. You may start to notice more frequent repairs at this point in your unit’s life.

A SEER rating below 13 is an indicator it’s time to upgrade. It will cost you more to operate the A/C than it’s worth. Shop for an A/C unit with a SEER rating of 13 to 25.

In an effort to conserve energy across the nation, the federal government is phasing out Freon, as it is more expensive than the new refrigerant, R410A.

If you’ve noticed your energy bills gradually increasing even though you’re not doing anything differently as far as your A/C goes, it may be time to trade your unit in for a new model.

To prevent continuous repair costs on an old unit, update to a new model and save more in the long run.

Before recommending a total A/C replacement, we will always try to repair your system first. If your unit is too old and will continue to need repairs, we will work with you to make the process of a replacement the easiest and most painless experience possible. At Command Service Center, Inc., our technicians will take care to choose the right model and size for your home.


It can be intimidating to see the price tag on a new A/C system. We understand that this investment can be a large pill to swallow, so we have teamed up with Wells Fargo and the Illinois Energy Loan Program to ease the worry. No family should go without a properly working HVAC system.

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