Gas or Electric Heating
Sep 10, 2019 / By christina

Which is Cheaper: Gas or Electric Heating?

Gas and Electric Heating Compared

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Command Service Center | HVAC
Dec 18, 2018 / By Anonymous

Seasonal Allergies Don't Skip Winter!

After struggling with allergies all spring, summer, and fall, you might hope that they will go away when winter comes along. But, when they don't, you will need to take a few steps to make yourself feel better when you are inside your home.

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Command Service Center | Home Installation
Dec 03, 2018 / By Anonymous

Staying Insulated this Winter

It's cold outside! There will be times when staying warm at this time of the year is the only thing that will be on your mind. The only place you want the cold weather to be is outside. Let's keep it that way by making certain that the home place stays warm and cozy.

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Command Service Center | Furnace Freezing
Nov 19, 2018 / By christina

Why is My Furnace Freezing Up?

The HVAC unit is an essential part of either keeping your home comfortable all year long. The largest system within the unit is your furnace. It is imperative that your furnace is working properly, so it can keep your house warm during the harsh Illinois winters.

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