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Is Sound an Issue in an HVAC Unit?

Newer HVAC units tend to run quietly. Older versions may emit sounds when the system starts up or when it's running, and it’s considered quite normal. However, if the noise is loud enough to interrupt you from binge-watching your latest TV shows, the problem may be more serious. If your AC unit is communicating through a series of hissing and whistles, it may be the right time to call an HVAC professional for immediate examination and rectification. Here are common sounds the technician may deduce.

How Air Conditioning Works

There are multiple steps that your HVAC system needs to complete to generate cool air in your home. These steps require four tools: an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser and an expansion chamber.

How Can I Save Money On Air Conditioning Cost This Summer?

There are a few things that you can do to minimize the financial hit of the higher utility bills this summer. Here are a few things to think about that will save you money.